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Shoot with Millennium Campus Network 8/27

Last week, President and Senior Producer, Jennifer Donaldson, sat down with Sam Vaghar of The Millennium Campus Network to talk about the ways in which his organization brings student organizers together to advance global development. We’re excited to share his story and see what he does next!

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“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” by Grace Vroom

After watching Charlie Baker’s latest Web video, I am proud to say that I would happily vote Robert Lewis Jr. for Massachusetts Governor! Charlie Baker? Eh. Clearly, this video would be really wonderful if it was just about Robert Lewis Jr. and his noble organization. After all, the visuals are beautiful. From the very beginning, buzzwords are thrown at me …

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25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests

/> This month, Digital-11 covered a variety of events honoring the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests. Here is an interview recently aired on CBS News that was produced by Digital-11’s Jennifer Donaldson. In this piece, Ted Koppel speaks with protest leader Chai Ling about her experience during that historical time and what she has taken away from her …

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Ad Shoot for Jeff McCormick

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of the first ad shoot for gubernatorial candidate, Jeff McCormick. Digital-11 was on set to consult and capture it all!

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All Video is Not Created Equal: Corporate graphics, Samsung scripts, and Cleveland Clinic

1. GCO Corporate Presentation Intro I can’t imagine anything more vague, confusing, or…nonsensical. Props for being under a minute, but this was still too long for such a boring video. And a waste of time for whoever made this. Regardless of all the buzzwords that were used and all the animated businesspeople that were shaking hands and wearing graduation caps, …

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Bob Ketterson Shoot

Here are some snapshots from a recent shoot with a sweet spirit, great storyteller, and very talented artist, Bob Ketterson. Digital-11 President and Senior Producer, Jennifer Donaldson, spoke with him at his home in Arizona about his life-long passion for painting and what he’s doing next…

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All Video is Not Created Equal: Building, Parading & #McConnelling By Jennifer Donaldson

Urban Land Institute’s Building on Innovation Video This is an example of a video that misses on all fronts… the camerawork, lighting and audio are all subpar. Even if someone produces a video for free for your organization, it would be better to have text only on your Site trying to get these ideas across than a video that is …

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All Video is Not Created Equal by Jennifer Donaldson

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words[1]. With that kind of power, you’d want that video to be fairly decent, right? Well, remember that not all video is created equal. In the old days it was a real commitment to change the channel, now you don’t even have to move your hand.  Research done by Visible Measures finds …

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The Impact of Visual Storytelling

We’re loving this article about the enhancements that come with adding video to your marketing strategy… The PR Power of Pink Surgical Gloves

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9/30/2013 Shoot for Jill Boudreau

On Monday, Digital 11 spoke with Coldwell Banker’s Jill Boudreau in Wellesley to figure out how buyers and sellers can be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, plus what to do next when your listing has expired and you need to re-launch your property.

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