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Jeff McCormick, Independent Candidate for Governor, Massachusetts, 2014

Growing up in Washington, DC, Donaldson began her professional career working for the political consulting firm of Caddell, Doak & Shrum and has been interested in politics ever since.  She transitioned from working for the politicians to political journalism when she was the Executive Producer of “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” When she got the opportunity to work for Jeff McCormick’s recent gubernatorial campaign in MA, she jumped at the chance.

Jeff McCormick: Announcement
This video was produced for Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate, Jeff McCormick’s campaign kickoff in February of 2014.  Digital-11 produced this piece with the campaign and then was hired to do strategic communications as well as produce campaign videos and advertisements.
Jeff McCormick for Governor
Jennifer Donaldson of Digital-11 co-produced this television political advertisement with campaign staffer Alex Freedman.
Jeff McCormick: Arts Matter
During the campaign, MassCreative, a Massachusetts non-profit that empowers the public and organizations to build, vibrant, creative communities asked the candidates to submit a video explaining why Art Matters to them.  Digital-11 produced this piece which was featured on the MassCreative website and on the campaign website.
TV Ad: Mandela
This campaign video featuring a Nelson Mandela sound alike espouses Jeff’s mantra about his independent run for Governor of Massachusetts. The ad called “Mandela” was co-produced by Digital 11’s Jennifer Donaldson, Alex Freedman and Andrew Basler. The Washington Post column “The Fix” wrote about the ad. You can read the article here.
Jeff McCormick: A Real Choice
Digital-11 produced this video for gubernatorial candidate, Jeff McCormick, which was released on his campaign website.
Jeff McCormick: The Proposal
This video was produced for Massachusetts’ gubernatorial candidate, Jeff McCormick. In order to introduce voters to Jeff, Digital-11 co-produced a series of biography videos with the campaign. This first piece tells the story of his  engagement to his wife, Christine, with whom he now has three children.

Jeff McCormick TV Ad: The Right Answer
McCormick was the first candidate to go on TV with an advertisement in the campaign.  Digital-11 consulted on and co-produced this piece with Ivy Creative.


Jeff McCormick: Radio Ad – Better
This radio ad was produced for Massachusetts’ gubernatorial candidate, Jeff McCormick. Digital-11 produced this piece with the campaign.


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