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Lainey Webb Moseley - Senior Producer, Philadelphia, PA

Moseley began her career as a Television Producer over 25 years ago in Washington, DC .

Lainey’s background includes¬†covering The White House, The State Department and Capitol Hill. Lainey went on to become a Medical Producer for Independent Network News and was quickly picked up by¬†CBS Evening News with Dan Rather in New York City. Lainey is also an Emmy Award winning Producer for CBS News’ 48 Hours. In the late 90’s, she moved to Indianapolis with her family and started up an Investigative News Unit at the local ABC affiliate. She also worked for the local CBS station producing news.

Currently, Lainey lives in Philadelphia with her four children. She is a freelance writer, television and digital video producer and advocate for her 16 year-old special needs child, Leta. She writes a weekly blog called, “SavingLeta” which is featured on SheBlog. Her blog was recently nominated “best of blog” by Babble.

Lainey brings to Digital-11 a unique blend of hard hitting news judgement, excellent writing and interview skills, and a strong personal and professional background in the medical community.