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Personal Documentaries

At Digital-11, we tell stories with digital images to advance a cause, sell a product and educate an audience.  In the process, these videos memorialize that cause, product and those who speak on its behalf at a moment in time.  This is the power of video.

What do you get a special person as a gift anymore?

How do you celebrate someone you love?

What about making a video of their lives and celebrating their contribution to this world and thereby how much they mean to you?

We all have interesting and amazing stories. At Digital-11 we want to put your memories into a story that you can treasure forever.

Legacy Video
A friend asked Jennifer to interview his father about his life-long hobby of painting. He was thrilled by the attention and the opportunity to discuss his art. Unfortunately, as the edit came to an end, he was hospitalized and passed away. For his family, this video was a wonderful remembrance.
Family Video
In 2014, Digital-11 produced campaign videos for independent gubernatorial candidate Jeff McCormick. In the process, Jennifer spent time with Jeff and his family.

Q: How would it work?

A: It’s all about the scale.

We can do something simple like a 3 minute montage of photos with your voiceover and music — to something containing interviews with friends and family in several locations resulting in a longer legacy video and a 2 minute version you can send to friends and family via the Internet. It all depends on the story you would like to tell, time and finances.

If timing or budget is driving your project, we can help you decide what is possible. We are storytellers and we want to help you tell yours.

Q: How much would it cost?

A: The cost depends on the number of elements, the complexity of the shoot and the length of the finished product. The 3 minute photo montage mentioned above with a voice over and music would cost approximately $1,000. One interview with b-roll (video images to cover narration) and photographs edited into a 3 minute piece would cost $2,500. The Legacy Video shown above was a full day shoot and a finished product close to 20 minutes. The cost was $9,000. As you add people to be interviewed and locations, the cost goes up. The longer the finished product, the higher the cost. Digital-11 can work within your budget to create the legacy piece you envision.

Jennifer Donaldson of Digital-11 has been chronicling people’s lives for 25 years, and would love to work with you to document your story. She realized quickly that what she most enjoys to do is find the story and to tell it. She realized how many stories are out there that need to be told and has focused her business on this goal.