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The Jenzabar Foundation
The Jenzabar Foundation recognizes and supports the humanitarian efforts of student leaders serving others across the global community. Digital-11 produced this video to survey the tremendous breadth and depth of this charity.

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN)
MCN wanted to articulate its ambitious mission of supporting student organizations advancing global development through a video featuring an amalgam of photos, archival video, graphics, and interviews Digital-11 filmed.
NOFAS PSA (short version)
The National Organization of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) approached Digital-11 to make a PSA that targeted a demographic that was at risk to drink while pregnant. We produced this piece and then edited it to a minute for social media use.

NOFAS PSA (Long Version)
Using the same footage as above, Digital-11 cut together a longer version with more information and interview footage from NOFAS’ past videos.
All Girls Allowed
Student Leader of Tiananmen Square Chai Ling hired Digital-11 to cover this landmark ceremony remembering the brutal massacre at Tiananmen Square and promoting her initiative to end the One-Child Policy in China, as well as to restore value and dignity to women in China.

Mother Caroline Academy
Mother Caroline Academy & Education Center hired Digital-11 to tell the story of the students, parents, and administrators of this innovative school in Boston, MA. Digital-11 produced and edited this video.
Cambridge Science Festival 2014 Promo
Cambridge Science Festival hired Digital-11 to compile footage from past festival events to excite and energize the community for the upcoming 2014 Festival. Digital-11 produced and edited this video.

MGH Center for Community Health Improvement
Digital-11 produced these two videos for The Center for Community Health Improvement at Mass General Hospital’ to illustrate their partnerships with under-served communities in the Boston area to make measurable improvements on public health issues. The Center currently focuses in areas of Substance Abuse Prevention, Violence Prevention, Obesity/Hunger Paradox, Opportunities for Youth, Cancer Prevention and Early Detection, and Access to Care for Vulnerable Populations. The CCHI asked for a longer version and a shorter version, both of which will be used at events, on-line and in one on one meetings to educate potential donors about their programs. Digital-11 produced and edited these videos.

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
We produced and directed this video for the Planned Parenthood Action League of Massachusetts to highlight the importance of sexual health.

Cambridge Science Festival
The organizers of the Cambridge Science Festival housed at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts hired Digital-11 to document this signature show during their 2012 festival. Eight notable scientists had five minutes to explain their “Big Idea” and then five minutes to defend it in front of a sophisticated Massachusetts audience.

Cambridge Science Festival
The director of the Gilbert Simulation Center at Harvard Medical School hired Digital-11 to document the historic events at the Cushing Surgical Research Laboratory, located at Harvard Medical School. The laboratory is the site of the first organ transplant and early experimentation with anesthesia. Today, the laboratory houses state of the art patient simulators, preparing medicinal students for the trials of a medical leadership. Digital-11 produced and edited this piece.

Cambridge Camping Association
The Cambridge Camping Association hired Digital-11 to produce and edit this piece. This film enables potential donors and parents to experience the unique opportunities offered to Cambridge campers.The Cambridge Camping Association is committed to providing at-risk, low-income and other traditionally excluded children with the opportunity to attend camp. Cambridge Camping provides the only summer camp programs specifically targeting low-income Cambridge families.