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Adduci, Mastriani, & Schaumberg, LLP
This D.C. based law firm hired Digital-11 in 2013 to produce an overview of the firm and videos that highlighted partners at the firm. In 2015, Digital-11 met with Adducci, Mastriani, and Schaumberg, LLP again to produce new videos that will update their digital content and improve their online presence.

Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP
Digital-11 produced and edited this video for AMS law firm in Washington, D.C. This video tells the story of how Adduci, Mastriana, and Schaumberg was founded, as well as the lasting legacy they have been creating since then.

Jill Boudreau
In order to solidify her position in the Boston real estate landscape, Jill Boudreau hired Digital-11 to produce a series of videos for her website. Some videos included tips on hiring a broker and home-buying, while others featured words of wisdom from a Shark Tank “Shark” and real estate celebrity Barabara Corcoran. Our first project with Boudreau had us filming her extravagant open-house with Barbara Corcoran in attendance. Her innovative marketing platform played to Digital-11’s innovative digital marketing abilities.
Jill Boudreau: How to Find a Broker
Digital-11 produced and edited this video for Real Estate Agent Jill Boudreau, as she spoke with us about how to find the right real estate broker for you when you are looking to buy or sell a home.
Jill Boudreau
Digital-11 produced and edited this video for Jill Boudreau to share wisdom from real estate mogul and TV personality, Barbara Corcoran.
Jill Boudreau
Digital-11 produced and edited this video for Jill Boudreau, as she hosted an exclusive broker-only open house to showcase her client’s property by featuring a presentation from real estate mogul and Shark Tank star, Barbara Corcoran.
Cheryl Richards Photography
Cheryl Richards and Digital-11 have a three year working relationship. When Richards is ready to re-position herself in the market, she calls Digital-11 to edit together content for her new career aspirations. When she wanted to tackle the fashion industry, Digital-11 featured her best existing work of fashion photography into a concise video package. When she wanted to be hired for celebrity photographs, Digital-11 helped feature her most compelling snapshots of personality. Wherever that company vision goes, Digital-11 is able to articulate that vision via video.
Cheryl Richards Photographer
Digital-11 produced and edited this video for photographer, Cheryl Richards to showcase her immense talent as a photographer and sample her fabulous portfolio.


Cheryl Richards Fashion
Digital-11 produced and edited this video to highlight Cheryl’s ability as a fashion photographer.