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Let’s Talk Hillary: Hillary Clinton’s new “Correct the Record” videos

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is about to get a million dollar boost thanks to the power of video. A super-PAC “Correct the Record” led by communication strategist David Brock is undertaking a project envisioned by an American history scholar and Clinton-supporter Allida Black entitled, “Let’s Talk Hillary.” The project will feature hundreds of video interviews of people who know Hillary. A memo explaining the project and shared …

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Getting Started: a Look at Hillary’s Video for the Campaign

Hillary Clinton hasn’t been talking to the press much; instead, she has made a video and that gets us excited here at Digital-11. And yes, some have noted that the video skirts around any real plan, others point to an attempt to identify with a racially diverse cross-section of working class people, and still more admit that it’s an improvement to her 2008 video, which uses …

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Video as Defense (a Defense for Video)

Here at Digital-11, we cannot help but stand in awe of video’s power to tap into that wellspring of emotion and empathy deep within its viewers to create reality and influence outcomes. As if to affirm this idea, a recent NY Times article, found here, covers the budding practice of lawyers who produce videos to augment their defense in court. As one participant puts …

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Why Facebook is imperative to your organization:

Millions of people spend their entire day with Facebook running in the background, whether it be by phone or by monitor. The Washington Post even published an article saying that Facebook’s patronage rivals the population of China. It has been a critical component in human interaction since the start of the millennium. The reason, I would say, for it’s vast …

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Governor Deval Patrick and Bentley’s Center for Women and Business Reach Milestone in “Getting to More” corporate challenge

On Tuesday, Gov. Deval Patrick and Bentley’s Center for Women and Business announced they had surpassed their goal of bringing on 100 companies into their “Getting to More” Corporate Challenge.   As of Tuesday morning, 106 Massachusetts companies had committed to the challenge of recruiting and maintaining more women in leadership and managerial positions. The 100 company goal articulated by the Governor …

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All Video is Not Created Equal: The November Project

New Balance Runnovation: The November Project.   I’ll be upfront with this video: I do partake in the November Project and in fact this video is the sole reason that this non-running non-athlete decided to get out of bed at 5 a.m. to run her legs into the ground for the first time. First, this is incredibly well-shot. The variety …

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All Video is Not Created Equal: Corporate Fitness Culture and Google Chrome

Welcome to our regular series, “All Video is Not Created Equal.” We here at Digital-11 love talking about what makes the perfect video – one that’s engaging, creative, clear and effective. Below are two videos – one that gets the job done and one that falls slightly below the mark for us. Find out what we think we can help …

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Governor Deval Patrick and Bentley’s Center for Women and Business Launch Corporate Challenge

On Friday Oct. 10, Gov. Deval Patrick and Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business officially launched its highly anticipated ‘Corporate Challenge’ and the Digital-11 team was there to document it all. The Challenge, which was a recommendation by the Governor’s Successful Women, Successful Families Task Force, is an initiative that will encourage and help participating companies increase the number …

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Jeff McCormick Talks Casinos While in Somerville

Interested to hear Jeff McCormick’s view on casinos in Massachusetts? Check out our latest video on the political page. In the meantime, here’s a peek at our shoot with Jeff at the new Assembly Square T stop in Somerville.

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Jeff McCormick Shoot in Newton Centre

Last week, Digital-11’s Jennifer Donaldson and trusty cameraman, Brandon Vincent, hit the streets of Newton with gubernatorial candidate, Jeff McCormick. Here they are in front of some shops in Newton Centre, and along a side street, filming for one of Jeff’s upcoming videos. Are you all looking forward to the upcoming election?

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