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All Video is Not Created Equal: The November Project

New Balance Runnovation: The November Project.


I’ll be upfront with this video: I do partake in the November Project and in fact this video is the sole reason that this non-running non-athlete decided to get out of bed at 5 a.m. to run her legs into the ground for the first time.

First, this is incredibly well-shot. The variety of shots in various seasons paired with interview clips from the two founders adding context to the visuals is really powerful and effective. I love the use of natural sound in this video as well – the opening sounds of the alarm clock, laughter, heavy breathing and of running shoes hitting the pavement drew me in, making me feel like I was part of the action.

And the use of music was masterful.  So many video producers feel incomplete without a music bed.  These guys (gals) certainly understand how music should work in conjunction with the natural sound to enhance.  Notice how the music only comes in when the interview clip mentions music.

This video gets you pumped and ready to lace up your sneakers. It inspires you instantly and fuels that inspiration until the very end. This clip could have easily included long stretches of interview audio over clips of runners making it easily boring for the viewer. What makes this video shine is the footage. It shows, not tells. It’s powerful and engaging in a way that isn’t over the top but just enough to incite curiosity and empowerment within the viewer.

Finally, this tells a story, with a clear beginning, middle and an end.  I love the tattoo reveal at the end.  Bravo!

P.S.  As a woman I could have lived without the nose clearing, but it was catchy, which ultimately is the job of the video that wants to stand out.


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