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All Video is Not Created Equal: Corporate graphics, Samsung scripts, and Cleveland Clinic

1. GCO Corporate Presentation Intro

I can’t imagine anything more vague, confusing, or…nonsensical.

Props for being under a minute, but this was still too long for such a boring video. And a waste of time for whoever made this. Regardless of all the buzzwords that were used and all the animated businesspeople that were shaking hands and wearing graduation caps, I have no clue what this company does. The words they used on-screen are so general they could be describing a chair.

And the music! Yikes. I understand that work should be enjoyable, but I don’t want to feel like I’m walking into a dark and dirty club. And even I did, I don’t want to go inside this one.

Sometimes a great video can be done with graphics alone. But I would hope for something—anything!—that actually relates to the subject of your video. Even a picture of a company building or staff members (not stock photos, please!) could add something (anything!) to which your audience could relate. Why would I want to ask more questions about this company if they can’t tell me a single thing in their video? How could I trust them to tell me what sets them apart if they can’t even show me?

With visual graphics, you can create just about anything these days. At the very least, you want to grab your viewer and make them want to hear your story. Not leave them wondering what just happened…

2. Samsung 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive Video

Having no video is bad. But having a poorly scripted and produced video is worse. Here’s the thing. No matter what, you don’t want your audience to feel like they’re being lied to. Even if these are actors! Of the many jobs a Producer has, one is to bring out authentic moments from the people with whom they work. There are several ways to do that, but a bad script can tank the whole thing. For instance, this video looks absolutely gorgeous. The graphics are spot-on. Everything is clear and bright as day. The footage is ruined, however, by these blatantly fake reactions to a slow computer. Over-acting is one of the worst bi-products of a strict script.

On top of that, it’s 2014. When talking about computers, don’t write your one female character to be a googly-eyed housewife while the boys are already hacking into the system. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of 8 zillion eye-rolls.

Sure, all videos are selling something, whether it’s a Samsung product or empathy for abandoned puppies at a local animal shelter. Either way, you’re going to get more authenticity if you don’t really “stick to the script”. If you go into a shoot with a strict idea of exactly what you want out of it, you will most likely be disappointed. And your final product will make you cringe almost as much as this one has. Yes, without an exact script, you’ll probably come away with a ton of footage. Your job is then to edit it down to the most genuine story. You aren’t going to get it from re-shooting the same lame monologue until it’s dead in the ground.

Bottom line: Don’t leave your audience feeling like they just got duped by clicking the play button.

3. Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Sure, I wanted to jump out the window by the time this was over. Yes, I look like I have pink eye right from trying to wipe away all my tears. Okay, I probably won’t be able to go into a hospital for a while. But this is an amazing video!

We meet our first patient at the entrance to the hospital, with a feeling as though we’re going in with him. The graphic reads, “Has been dreading this appointment. Fears he waited too long.” Oof, grabs you right away.

The camera follows patients and staff throughout every corner of Cleveland Clinic, documenting the thoughts of those in the waiting room, the hallway, elevator, doctor’s office, etc. Each thought comes with a face. The camera flows effortlessly from shot to shot, with added graphics that float alongside each person, mimicking the way in which our thoughts seem to move with us. The lighting is so white-bright that it feels sterile, like a hospital. And the music is simple so as to highlight the visuals while definitely pulling at our heartstrings.

The relationship between a doctor or nurse and patient can be frustrating. After all, a medical staff can seem inhuman, considering the pain they see firsthand every single day. However, this video destroys that idea in four minutes and twenty-three seconds. Without even hearing a spoken word, the elements of this video come together to tell the audience one thing: We get it. And they’ve got us convinced! Well done, Cleveland Clinic. We’re gonna need more tissues.

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