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“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” by Grace Vroom

After watching Charlie Baker’s latest Web video, I am proud to say that I would happily vote Robert Lewis Jr. for Massachusetts Governor! Charlie Baker? Eh.

Clearly, this video would be really wonderful if it was just about Robert Lewis Jr. and his noble organization. After all, the visuals are beautiful. From the very beginning, buzzwords are thrown at me in fast dynamic form, making me feel like I’m about to dive into an ESPN special on my favorite athlete. However, I’m not. Instead, I’m watching a very charming non-profit leader discuss pressing community issues over intermittent b-roll of a stiff politician shaking hands and swinging a baseball bat. In fact, this video is so determined to hide Baker that it doesn’t really let him speak until two-thirds of the way through the piece. And when he does pipe up, the energy level sinks. No amount of words flying towards your face can bring it up again. There’s even a fantastic shot at 2:15 where the camera focuses on a guy throwing a baseball and then switches focus to Charlie Baker’s face with faultless timing, but all of these quick shots, texturized sounds, modern graphics and shall we say, lipstick … can’t make up for the fact that you’ve got a boring candidate.

So, kudos to the production company who put this together. You’ve got some very cool tricks up your sleeve, but all of this hullabaloo brings more attention to the fact that you’re just trying to disguise the true nature of the product.

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