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Digital-11 has been doing the Cambridge Science Festival's videography for three years. It is always exciting to work with their innovative and energetic staff to educate the community. It is these kinds of family friendly learning initiatives that Digital-11 finds alignment in our mission to Educate, Inspire and Entertain.

Cambridge Science Festival


Big Ideas
The organizers of the Cambridge Science Festival housed at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts hired me to document this signature show during their 2012 festival. Eight notable scientists had five minutes to explain their “Big Idea” and then five minutes to defend it in front of a sophisticated Massachusetts audience.
Cambridge Science Festival Overview

This piece is an overview of the 2012 Cambridge Science Festival held in Cambridge in April of 2012. Most of the action takes place at the Cambridge Science Carnival held at the Cambridge Library and attended by thousands of children and adults. This piece was originally produced for “The Daily” a now defunct video news magazine conceived by Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs exclusively for the iPad. When “The Daily” retired, the Cambridge Science Festival was able to air it on their own Web Site. I produced as well as edited this piece, including conducting all interviews.

CSF Presentation
The first 11 minutes of an hour and 40 minute show from the Cambridge Science Festival of Ted Talks on speed. 



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